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Team Success:

Nishanth Nair


Excellent Videographer with 10 years of experience! Has worked for movies, tele-films and music albums. Nishanth takes perfect pictures too.

Shajan George


Videographer with 15+ years of experience- Has worked for music albums and tele-films. Production Manager for AsianetUSA New York region

Orpheus John


A promising young talent! He will conquer big heights in the next couple of years. Orphy has worked in music albums too

Dinesh Siva


Another promising young talent. Dinesh Siva's Photography is the talk of the town! Dinesh was assisting the world famous photographer John Brian last summer

Anil Kumar


Mr.Kumar has 20+ years of experience in photography. Mr. Kumar has worked internationally on various projects. He started working for Lensman since the summer of 2012.

Sidney Dias


Excellent and well-known event photographer. Sidney has more than 200 wedding coverages to his credit. Sidney also does ice sculptures and is an excellent video editor